The Monetico Mobile + PAXI payment system is now available on tablets

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  • Monetico Mobile + Paxi Payment System

    Get your free Monetico Mobile + Paxi payment system and start accepting payment by credit and debit card:

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L'écosystème PAXI
  • Networks of Partners to Provide Benefits for Drivers

    Our network of partners enables us to offer a complete solution to drivers that will meet their needs through: cell phone plans, commercial car insurance discounts, gas rebates, and much more. We aim to help drivers become better entrepreneurs and increase their income. More importantly, our network of partners are committed to providing continuous training and business development support.

  • Training and Technical Support

    Our dedicated technical support team is available anytime to help drivers with any problems that may arise. Part of our value proposition is to provide exceptional service through continuous support. We are committed to train drivers in streamlining the implementation of our solution. With our integrated solution you will be able to improve the operation of your company and services.