The industry solution for drivers and customers

Given the challenges the taxi industry is facing, PAXI has set itself the task of unifying all industry players around a common goal. We aim to suit the needs of the industry while meeting the objectives of municipalities and the government. Above all, we strive to satisfy customers who are constantly evolving.

PAXI in brief

PAXI is a technology ecosystem that includes various tools and services for taxi drivers and their customers.

PAXI allows the taxi industry to finally make a real leap into the twenty‑first century.

Our sole objective is to support the industry while improving the services offered to users.

Our Team

PAXI is a 100% Canadian company founded on October 27th 2015 by four players in the taxi industry.

Mr. Cuong Nhan Dung (Chairman) and Mr. Mario Sabourin (CEO) each have over twenty years of experience in the industry. Pierre Lopez (Treasurer) has built a mobile payment company on the cutting edge of technology. Finally, Mr. Steven Vuong (Secretary) puts his comprehensive understanding of the needs of the drivers on the field.

A Word from Our CEO

Il faut le reconnaître, l’industrie québécoise du taxi traverse une crise grave, en particulier à Montréal. Comme l’y invitent les gouvernements, l’industrie doit transformer cette crise en opportunité pour mieux répondre aux besoins de la clientèle et assurer son développement. Avec PAXI, l’industrie québécoise du taxi a maintenant les moyens de se moderniser et d’améliorer sa profitabilité, tout en répondant aux exigences gouvernementales.

Mr. Mario Sabourin, CEO
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